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GOLDEN APPLE: March 2012 Winner

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Ms. Vicki Harker from Jefferson-Scranton Elementary School is the proud recipient of this month’s Golden Apple Award Winner.

“I want to thank my kids sitting there wonderfully…give yourselves a hand.” Ms. Harker said upon receiving her award.

Ms. Harker places a large focus on teaching her second grade students good manners, which got the attention of both a student and parent to nominate her for this award.

“I think setting expectations for students and expecting them to handle rights and responsibilities…kids learn to live up to that.” Ms. Harker said.

She teaches her students all they need to know inside the classroom, but also takes her students for lessons outside the classroom; this is what makes her so unique in her teaching style. The students have visited a local nursing home where they practiced reading to those who live there.

“It teaches them compassion…even though there are age differences. There are so many things in common. Helps them build their skills.” Harker said.

Not only is she respected by her students, but she has become a well-respected leader and mentor for some of the other teachers. “She’s the first here and the last to leave. She prepares interesting lessons and cares about them.” Said the principal, Mr. Johnson.

Her students care about her a great deal; and that’s something that keeps this Golden Apple Award winner still excited to be teaching.