BIGGEST LOSER: Iowan Wins Amazing Opportunity

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“Well it started as the quest for the dress,” says Lyndee Underbakke.

When we met Lyndee and her friend, Molly Fairchild two years ago, Lyndee had just gotten engaged.  The quest for the perfect wedding and bridesmaid dress was underway, but there was a problem – nothing fit.

“I was gonna have to lose something to be in the wedding,” Molly acknowledged.

And lose they did.  By the time Lyndee got married, the women had lost a combined 125 pounds.  But their quest didn’t stop there.  Lyndee and Molly started their own Facebook weight loss page.  They hoped it would help land them a spot on the hit, NBC show, “Biggest Loser.”

“It’s weird,” says Lyndee.  “As badly as we wanted to be on the show I think not getting on was the best thing that ever happened to us.”

They realized there would be no quick fix.  They realized it would take a lot of hard work, determination and support to reach their goals.

“We’ve had an insane amount of support,” says Lyndee.

With the help of their trainer, Scott Kauffman, Lyndee and Molly have now lost a combined 220 pounds.

“We’ve been fighting every day for the last two years,” says Lyndee.  Every pound we’ve gotten, we’ve earned.”

Lyndee has also earned a spot on the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu.  She was selected from hundreds of applicants, based on a video and voting on Facebook.  For the next month, professionals will monitor her diet and workouts.  She calls it the chance of a lifetime.

“It’s a lot like being on the show except the perks are you can’t get voted off and you’re not on a team.  It’s just you for four weeks.”

Going it alone is a little unnerving for Lyndee.  So is the prospect of delving into the psychological aspects of weight gain and weight loss.

“They say it’s not the workouts, it’s the emotional baggage you’re going to lose while you’re there.  That sounds a little intimidating to me.  I mean, I can go on an 8-mile walk, but dealing with why I overeat and gotten to this point is, I think going to be the hardest.”

It’s hard for Lyndee to imagine what she might look like when she returns on April 29th.

“I mean, I weigh now what I weighed in high school.”

She hopes to lose another 30 pounds at the resort.

“I guess I day dream about it a lot. Like what’s it gonna feel like when I walk into my big reveal party?  What I’m going to wear.”

And so the quest for the dress continues – a much smaller dress.