Getting Through It

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Here goes… first blog on this new site, and actually first blog in almost two weeks! I know, I know! Things have been pretty busy here. I am getting a head start on my stories that will run during May (sweeps/ratings) on top of the usual day turn. I don’t mind the extra work – I am really looking forward to these 3 stories!

The first one to air will be on the Justice family. Staff Sgt. James Justice was killed in action overseas last April. The one year anniversary of his death is on April 24th, so the story will check in with his family. I follow Amanda, his wife, on Facebook, and it’s amazing how strong she is, and how many people she has been helping get through a similar situation.

I am also working on two other stories. One focuses on the success story of a 24 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome who overcame bullying when he was younger, and the third one is about a family who is taking a unique approach to adoption. Like I said, I am pretty excited about all those stories!

Anyway, I am glad this week is over. To be honest, these past couple of weeks have been kind of “tricky.” I thought it was just March, but now that it’s seeped over to April I am quite disappointed. It’s nothing bad, really, it’s just been “one of those days” for almost a month now. You know those days, nothing serious happens, it just seems that everything is just a bit more of a struggle than it should be. In my case, it seemed like every story I started out with fell through after I did a lot of the leg work, and then I was almost rushing to get my second story on air.

But today, that didn’t happen. Today everything during my story went pretty flawlessly. We got to be a part of a very cool surprise at an elementary school in Des Moines. I will never tire of doing those stories! And I have to say I needed that, because my day started off to kind of a rough start.

A glimpse into my "Patriotic Surprise" story

I tried to make zucchini chips in the oven before work. I have been finding all of these cool snack recipes on Pinterest and they all look so good I nearly forget about my near-inability to cook. I was super confident as I am making my preps, and choosing which spices to put on my soon-to-be-delectable snack, and slicing my zucchini, but after almost 2 hours in the oven, they still weren’t as crispy as I wanted them. So I did what any smart cook-savvy woman would do- I turned the heat up from 225 degrees to 500. And forgot about them. Several minutes later I had quite the mess on my hands, complete with plumes of black smoke, a small fire and every single fire alarm screaming wildly. Opps.

My attempt at making zucchini chips :(

But now it’s the weekend. With a good story behind me (make sure to check out my “Patriotic Surprise” story at 10!) and a belly full of candy (the candy drawer was filled to the brim this week) I am ready for some smooth sailing. Happy Easter everyone!

The community candy drawer! Located at my desk :)