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You can tell by looking at Lauren Baker that she has nearly two decades of ballet experience.  Now she's passing that knowledge on to people who may never have taken a dance class.

"With ballet basics we`re breaking down moves that have been proven to work for better posture, better core strength, longer leaner legs," explains Jen Kees.  She offers the "Ballet Basics" class at her West Des Moines fitness studio and says everyone can benefit from it.

"If you`re concerned about joint issues or lower back, ballet is a perfect environment to help you heal, and regain strength in your core," she explains, "it`s a low-impact workout but the way we build the ballet movements with plies, jumps, things like that... we move across the floor!"

We're finding the whole thing surprising!  We expected to work on posture and poise but who knew these simple moves could be so challenging?

"It's very much like Pilates," says Kees,  "isometric contracting is a completely different philosophy than most strength training exercises out there.  Ballet really works isometrically, which means you're holding the muscle tight for a period of time rather than doing repetitive movement."

We may not be auditioning for Swan Lake anytime soon, but ballet basics can help us sculpt leaner legs and amazing arms ... no tutus and tights required.

If you're interested in the "Ballet Basics" class check out the Kees Camp website: