LITTLE HERO: Child Saves Family From Fire


A four-year-old Cedar Falls boy is being called a hero after he woke his parents up early Thursday morning, alerting them to a fire in their home.

Rylee Nolan typically sleeps in his mom and dad’s room. But Wednesday night, he decided to sleep in the same room as his one-year-old brother, Landon.

Early Thursday morning he started to smell smoke — then saw flames climbing up the bedroom wall. He also heard the smoke alarm sounding.

He ran to his parents’ bedroom.

“I come in and wake up daddy and mommy and I tell them my room was fired,” said Rylee.

So mom Ashley Hannan and her fiance woke up and got their one-year-old from his crib, called 9-1-1 and went outside.

Rylee’s parents just moved his brother’s crib last week. It used to sit right along the wall where the fire started.


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