SOUNDOFF VIDEO: What’s Bugging Andy

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Keith, the iPhone debuted in 2007.  Each version becomes obsolete within about a year.  In other words, even though I`ve complained about cell phones in this segment before, it`s high time for an updated version.

By now, everybody knows how to use voicemail, right? So we don`t need the woman to come on there and tells us to press 1 to leave a message or just wait for the beep.  And when we`re done, we know we can just hang up.  Just let us listen to the SHORT personal message and then bring on the beep, alright?  And leave a personal message, people! One of the ways someone knows they`ve got the right number is the sound of your voice on the greeting.  Who are you? Fidel Castro? You think everybody`s out to get you? Put your voice on there!

I can understand the need to release yourself from the shackles of your cell phone every now and then.  I don`t understand the people who sleep with the ringer on and answer it in the movie theater.  I leave mine inside when I`m mowing the lawn and often forget to take it off vibrate when I`m working around the house.  But when I have it, I answer it.  I`m not one of those people who refuse to answer a number they don`t recognize.  What`s the worst that can happen? Wrong number? Telemarketer? It`s not like peeing on an electric`re not making a dangerous connection just by answering the phone!  Chances are, it`s someone you know calling from a different phone, so pick it up!

Finally, here`s something I noticed again and again while I was crowded into the Peggy`s tent with other Drake alumni over the weekend.  Cell phone cameras are great, but crowded spaces make lousy photography studios!  Quit stopping traffic and throwing elbows to take pictures of your group of friends!  And another thing: learn to use your camera! Have it ready to go before you ask everyone to pose.

Keith, the phone is a major tool...but when you misuse it, so are YOU!  I`m Andy Fales, and that`s What`s Bugging...

Hang on...I want to take a picture of the audience….

I`m Andy Fales, and that`s What`s Bugging Me.