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DRAKE DREAM: After Error, Athlete Looks Past Drake

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Woodward-Granger's Haley Manning is pretty fast. So it might surprise you that she spends nights after practice, dragging a tire around.

She says, “A couple buddies of my buddies that play football were just kinda joking around one day and they said hey, maybe you should try this."

A dare from the football team led to Haley asking for Coach George Ashman's tire.

And this unique method has helped manning win state indoor and outdoor titles.

She says, "It helps with my starts and the most important thing is that coach says I just have to make sure I maintain a good running form."

It also gave Haley a chance to fulfill a dream: running at the Drake Relays.

She says, "I've wanted to be in that for as long as I can remember."

But Haley never ran at the relays.  Even though she met every requirement; One keystroke on a computer that kept her off the blue oval.

Coach Ashman says, "I've coached for 19 years and nothing like this has ever happened to me."

Though Ashman thought he'd completed Manning's registration, officials couldn't find it.  And George had to deliver the bad news.

He says, "I hadn't talked to her in person other than on the phone and I saw her in the hallway.  You know, for an older guy like me, it choked me up a little bit.  But she walked right over and gave me a hug and I knew, she understood."

Now, like the tire she pulls…  Manning won't let this setback drag her down.