PRICE OF POLITICS, ETC: The Revolution is On

Price Of Politics

In 2008 during the Republican presidential primary race, supporters of Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul would scream out, “Ron Paul!” Others would then reply, “Revolution!” (It’s not quite as good as my fellow Missouri Tigers when we yell, “M-I-Z!”, with a response of “Z-O-U!”) I must admit I don’t recall the revolutionaries screaming out that same Ron Paul chant this cycle. But while Paul has not won a single state so far this primary season, his followers could still make an impact.

The Des Moines Register’s Jennifer Jacobs writes about the Pauliacs becoming a huge force in the delegation that could represent Iowa at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August. Just imagine this scenario…In January, the Iowa Republican Chairman (now former chair) Matt Strawn declares Mitt Romney the winner. Then, two weeks later, he calls it a tie. Then later that week, he declares Rick Santorum the winner. Then, later this summer, Paul actually has more delegates in the state. Does that actually make Paul the winner? What would that do for Iowa’s national reputation and for its chances to keep the caucuses?

Craig Robinson, former Republican Party of Iowa Executive director, breaks down the supporters and also adds some history about why Iowa gets 25 delegates, which makes for a nice civics lesson.

The drama of this Republican race may not be over yet.

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