ERIN OFF CAMERA: For the Love of Money

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!

Thanks for the great response to my last blog.  I appreciate the thoughtful emails and lively face-to-face discussions it prompted.  It’s proof that even if people aren’t of the same opinion, they can have a respectful debate.  How refreshing!!!

For the Love of Money

It’s why we work, right?  Or at least it’s part of the reason.  I also work because I love it.  There are days I am frustrated or uninspired or even angry, but I really am lucky that I’m doing something I love.

After the blog I posted last week many people have wanted to share their own work-related stories with me.  This is a good one from my friend James.  He puts in a lot of time at his family’s restaurant, in addition to his “regular” job.  He works his rear off.  That’s why he was so astounded and annoyed when an employee was refusing to clean the restrooms.  James gave the employee multiple opportunities to do the tasks assigned to him, but the employee kept blowing off his duties.  One day when the employee was clocking out he said, “See ya tomorrow!”  James said, “Nope – we won’t.  You’re fired.”  The next day the employee’s MOTHER called – wanting to know why her son was fired.  When James told her, her response was, “Well, he shouldn’t have to clean the restrooms.”  After hearing that cleaning the restrooms was part of the job, SHE OFFERED TO GO TO THE RESTAURANT AND DO IT FOR HIM!!!!  What?!?!?  I asked James how old this kid is.  He’s in his 30s.  And still lives with his mother.  OK – that makes perfect sense.

“For The Love Of Money” by the O’Jays keeps rolling around in my head because of Dave Price’s story tonight.  I can’t wait to hear how a Central Iowa family went from $250,000 in debt to zero.

I know it seems like a silly thing – but this is one way I stretch a dollar.  I always cut open bottles of lotion, tubes of lip gloss, etc… it adds up!

I’m also big on clipping and using coupons although I’m not militant about it like some people are.

I also like consignment stores.  If you’re looking for a good one, I just dropped in to Repeat Boutique on Ingersoll Avenue the other day and the place is filled with cute clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, furniture … who doesn’t love a bargain?!?

I hope you’ll join us tonight to learn far more interesting tips on slashing your debt and saving money.