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KRYSTLE CLEAR: You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

My story tonight introduces you to a unique situation. I suppose it can be a pretty controversial one- In Vitro Fertilization tends to be one of those topics. But if you look past that, and past your personal opinion on if it should or should not take place, the gift this couple is giving other families is pretty incredible.

“The long and short of it” (as one of my co-workers likes to say) is this couple in Grimes had a child through IVF, and ended up having 18 embryos remaining. That’s a lot. This couple, the McCreas, wanted to use them to give others a chance at a family- and they went about it in a pretty unique way (think Craigslist). You’ll have to check out the full story (by clicking here) to hear the rest of it :), but it got me thinking of the people who come into our lives, at any moment, in any capacity, and completely change it.

I’m pretty bad with money. Okay, that’s being kind. I’m terrible with money! I mean, I’m awesome at spending it, but saving, understanding, and organizing it- not so much. I’ve been saying for years now “I need to get a financial advisor. I need help!” But the time (and ironically the money) never seemed to be there. Well yesterday I went to my bank, just to cash a check, which I rarely do. If I need cash, I go to the ATM. But for some reason, I went to cash the check this time. The lady on the other end of the speaker box told me I needed to come in because the bank was going through some changes I “needed to be made aware of.”

Boy was I grumpy. All I kept thinking was that “Friends” episode where Ross and Chandler try to close their bank accounts- “I want to quit the bank!” I was even more crabby when the woman told me I needed to open a brand new account because the “doo daddie thingy didn’t match up with the whatnot.” Okay, that wasn’t what she said at all, but I warned you- I’m bad at all things money related, and you start talking finances with me, I glaze over. Anyway…

The appointment started off normal, but when she started realizing just how clueless I was, she started to really pay attention. Long story short, I took up almost 2 whole mornings of her’s these past two days, while she calmly explained, and re-explained things, put me in contact with certain experts, and helped me organize and take advantage of a lot of different tools. She even gave her own advice and own experience. Now I know to extent, it’s her job, but she really went above and beyond. For the first time in my life (I know, kind of sad) I can honestly say I understand my finances! I feel in control!

Obviously, this is one of those “smaller” circumstances, but I honestly think even minor run-ins can end up having a major effect on your life.

What about you? Anyone have a story (big or small) about a person or event that changed your life or helped you through a tough time? Please share! I’d love to hear about it.