SECRETS SERVED: Johnny’s Dijon Encrusted Sea Bass

1. Heat olive oil in hot sauté pan
2. Season sea bass with cracked black pepper and kosher salt
3. Place fleshy side down in pan to get the outside of sea bass crisp before placing in the oven
4. After outside is crisp, apply Dijon mustard coat to fish
5. Add light coat of herb bread crumbs over the top of the fish
6. Place in the oven

Creamed smashed potatoes:
1. Heat cream sauce in pan
2. Add smashed potatoes
3. Once cream has come to a steady boil, add spinach

1. Place a light red onion, arugula and cherry tomato salad on plate
2. Place sea bass on top of salad
3. Add cream smashed potatoes on the side.

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