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I'm not promising that you'll look like this after trying the D.I.V.A. Fit program at "The Girls Room" in Ankeny - but you'll have a blast and feel fantastic.  And really, what's more important?

“We’ve worked really hard to create innovative, effective, fun training programs for women," says owner Amber Cahill.  Part of the draw is the feel of this place.  Thanks to purple walls, motivational posters and personal pictures it doesn't feel AT ALL like a gym.

Amber and her staff have created more than twenty-five classes to choose from and during our visit we're sampling ones that are part of the D.I.V.A. Fit program.  "It stands for Diet, Instruction, Variety and Assessment.  We give you nutritional information, we keep class sizes small, we're constantly changing the routines and we do regular assessments to track progress and set new goals."

Five classes make up the D.I.V.A. program ... Feisty Fitness Fusion, BOSU Babes, Hottie Body Blast, TRX and Piloxing.  Each one is based on interval training.  That means we go as hard as we can for a period of time, rest, go hard again, rest ... you get the idea.  It's hard work.  But it's also fun.

"Our number one, main goal is to get women to do something active every single day," says Amber.  "We don't want you to just do this for eight weeks or twelve weeks, but for life.  There are fads that come and go but we want you to stick with it for the long term and incorporate it into real life."

As challenging as this workout was, it was also filled with encouragement and a lot of laughter.  These ladies have created a unique space in Ankeny that can help you meet your fitness goals with a group of friends.

"The biggest thing that keeps us motivated is a community of women.  It's a little bit like a social hour - we look forward to seeing each other and we keep each other accountable."

If you're interested in giving "The Girls Room" a try - check out the website!