LIVEWELL MINUTE: Stroke & Stroke Prevention

Some good health news for the U.S.: the incidence of stroke has actually declined. It is now the fourth leading cause of death, down from third.

Dr. Hansen, MD, Neurologist,UnityPoint Health Physicians & Clinics says, “As a neurologist, I couldn’t be more pleased that stroke incidence is decreasing.  It’s going down for many reasons.  Physicians are helping patients with lifestyle improvements and their medications to better manage chronic disease. Patients are doing great things on their own, such as eating better, getting regular exercise and quitting smoking.”

Depending on a person’s health, reducing blood pressure, using anticoagulants or statins and reducing cholesterol levels can help prevent or reduce strokes. A Mediterranean-style diet can help decrease stroke risk by more than half.

Dr. Hansen says, “I encourage people to follow current health guidelines for disease management, diet, nutrition and exercise, and stopping smoking – because these things really work!”

While the number of strokes is lower, the severity is not. There’s a continuing need for prevention and screenings to reduce the risk of stroke.


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