SUMMER SALES: Boats Are Back

A new trend has emerged this holiday weekend... It appears boats are back!
The owner of Water's Edge Marine tells us they have sold 22 pontoons in the last two weeks.

Most people shunned luxury items during the recent recession, and boats certainly fit into that category.

But now, Phil Watson says the tide is turning when it comes to purchasing watercraft.

He says, "A year ago march we did $60,000 in boat sales, this year it was $237,000."

He adds, “The Outboard Motor manufacturer can't keep up so it's everywhere everybody's sellin' a lot of boats."

That's almost quadruple the sales over a year ago.

Watson attributes part of the boost to the new water’s edge location, just a quarter mile from Saylorville Marina, but mostly, he says, Mother Nature has extended the boating season this year and made people feel like they can get their money's worth.

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