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Good morning everyone. Hope you had a nice weekend. I’m filling in for Patrick today as he’s taking some time off. You know what I love about Monday? It’s a day to start planning Friday!:) In all seriousness, there is something nice about starting a new week and getting back into your weekly routine. My routine this week includes trying to keep a four-year old busy without turning on the television for very long. I know a lot of parents who really make an effort to limit “screen time” in the summer, and I have to admit it’s something I feel like I have to start considering. Are any of you doing the same thing this summer? What’s worked for you?


There were a lot of big headlines over the weekend. From Des Moines Superintendent Nancy Sebring explicit e-mails being released to Shawn Johnson’s not-so-surprising decision to retire, there were a lot of stories packed into our newscasts. The Dr. Sebring story is another example of how a few bad decisions can tarnish an otherwise successful career.


I did something this weekend that’s been on my Des Moines bucket list for a while: a Barnstormers game. Eric got some tickets from a friend so we decided to take Evan along. Maybe it was hot dog and popcorn, but he had a blast. And, I did too. I’ve never watched Arena Football and was surprised by how fast the game moves along. I also didn’t realize how much noise cowbells can generate. The Barnstormers played a great game. It’s definitely something I’ll do again.



Hope you have a great week. 

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