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Happy Wednesday – or “hump day” as Jeriann likes to call it.  JR gets emails from a person who thinks it is “obscene” to use that phrase.  I say, “What is your problem?!?!  Get your mind out of the gutter!  Lighten up!  Get a life!”

Shawn Johnson and I talked quite a bit yesterday about mean people.  Unfortunately they seem to be the most vocal.  No matter the topic you can count on them to throw out some snotty comment, and it’s often anonymous or under a fake name. 

I just had to share some of the nasty feedback I’ve received from viewers this week.  It actually cracks me up because both comments refer to wardrobe but they convey opposite opinions.

First, this email from Rachel Olson on Monday night:

The female anchor of your 10 PM broadcast needs a better wardrobe.  It is appalling to me that her cleavage is showing-is this what you have resorted to for ratings?

I was so tempted to reply to Rachel and tell her, “Yes, it is ratings.  Good eye – thanks for noticing!”  But that would be a lie.  Our last ratings period ended weeks ago.  Judge for yourself.  This is what I was wearing Monday night.

By contrast, I received this message via facebook from Zach May:

Erin you dress like an old lady get a new wardrobe coordinator at 13 she dresses you like Barbra bush

Well, Zach – if by dressing like an old lady you mean wearing a suit then I am guilty.  Don’t blame the “wardrobe coordinator” because we dress ourselves around this joint.  You decide.  This is the “old lady” clip on which Zach posted his comment.

These sorts of things always leave me shaking my head.  Look – there are plenty of times when I’m watching TV and I think, “Oh no – that is a bad outfit.”  However I have NEVER called, emailed or written a letter to someone just to tell them how terrible their outfit is, how bad their hair looks, how fat they are, how ugly they are, etc… I just don’t get it.

I’m starving, it’s time for dinner.

Have a wonderful evening!