SOUNDOFF VIDEO: What’s Bugging Andy 6/10/12

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Sometimes things are worth waiting for, and sometimes they just aren`t.  Sometimes you wait so long, you just say 'screw it' and completely lose interest.  I`m about at that point with two racing and boxing.

I was seven years old when Affirmed won the Triple Crown and, since no one in his 40s remembers that time in his life very clearly, I have no problem admitting that what I remember most about jockey Steve Cauthen is that my friend Michael bet me a million dollars that Cauthen was the same guy who played Danny on The Partridge Family. You catch my drift, here? I`ve been waiting to see a Triple Crown winner for longer than I`ve been combing my own hair.  I have been teased and dissed, teased and dissed more times than a guy in the Champagne Room at the Lumberyard.  We`ve seen a horse win the Derby and Preakness only to fail in the Belmont twelve times, now!  That`s a success rate that would have Charlie Brown laughing and pointing one of his three fingers at us!

On top of the Belmont, Manny Pacquiao just lost. That means the likelihood of him fighting Floyd Mayweather just went from 'Ron Paul wins in November' to 'no effing way.'  That`s the one fight that anyone who still cared about boxing still cared to see!

It wasn`t too long ago when every boxing champion took on every top contender.  Now, true title bouts are less common than a seersucker suit at the Knoxville Nationals!  Why?  People are losing interest!  They don`t care anymore!  Boxing now makes smaller waves than a ferret fart on a Richter scale!  Do something about it, already!  How annoying is it when everybody knows the answer but the powers that be can do nothing but avoid the question!

The Triple Crown and boxing are in entirely different situations, but they`re both sitting in the exact same boat: as two ancient sports that that look ready for marble headstones.  I love `em both, but they`re still Buggin` Me.