EXTREME HEAT: Area Cooling Centers

IOWA CUBS: Afternoon Game Versus Omaha

Anthony Rizzo hasn't had many bad days as a member of the I-Cubs,
but today was definitely one of them.
Let's lube up and head out to Principal Park for a nooner between Iowa and Omaha.
The Storm Chasers jump all over the I-Cubs in the first as Salvador Perez lines a basehit to center, Irving Falu scores, 1-0 Omaha.
Later in the inning, Tony Abreu grounds one past Rizzo to right, Will Meyers scores and it's 2-0.
Omaha scores 5 before the Cubs come to bat.
Iowa tries to make a game of it in the third as Alfredo Amezaga grounds a base knock to left, Ty Right scores, but Iowa can't make it back as Omaha takes it 9-4.
Late in the game, Rizzo injured himself when he slid into the dugout fence attempting to catch a foul ball, he left the game, but Cubs officials say he will be all right.


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