GO LOLO: More Publicity For Iowa Native

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Des Moines native, Lolo Jones' quest to make up for the heartbreak of the Beijing Olympics was a feature on NBC Nightly News Tuesday.

“Project X" was invented by Lolo's sponsor Red Bull. It reportedly helps Lolo shave precious hundredths of a second off her time, doubling, of course, as product placement.

“It makes a huge difference in a race where we can lose a race by just thousandth of a second,” says Lolo.

Project X uses 40 cameras to break down Lolo's form in 3D.  

NBC Nightly News also told Lolo's story of overcoming eight schools in eight years before finding a home at Des Moines Roosevelt, and a future in track and field.

Lolo's mother, Lori, struggled, but kept her kids moving forward. A 29-year-old Lolo says thinking of mom makes her emotional.

“I just wish I could go back in a time machine and hug her and just whisper in her ear that like ‘Mom it’s gonna be OK and one day you’re going to have a daughter and she’s going to go to the Olympics and she’s gonna represent team USA’ , it just makes me quite emotional,” says Lolo.

Lolo was two seconds from the Olympic gold medal, when she clipped the ninth hurdle in Beijing.

Lolo Jones still must make the Olympic team. Channel 13’s Keith Murphy is in Eugene, Oregon to cover Lolo and several other Iowans attempting to earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic team.