LOLO ON LENO: Talks Of Struggle To Make Team

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Iowa Olympian Lolo Jones has had a busy week, and it continued Monday night with a stop on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Jones qualified for Team USA Saturday, but she told Jay, after a slow run Friday, she wasn't sure she would make the team.

“I just kept plugging away and after the first round I went to my coach and I put my hands on his shoulder and I went Coach Shaver, like seriously, stop lying to me. But I wanted to actually take my hands and like actually kind of choke him and be like stop lying to me, am I going to make this team? Can we pull it together, this is an absolute nightmare. But I was like seriously, Coach Shaver, stop lying to me. Can I do this?" Lolo admitted.

Jones talked about growing up in Iowa and credited her mom for instilling her work ethic.

She said she sees her story as a Lifetime movie someday and says Rashida Jones should play the current Lolo Jones.

As for dating, she says maybe she'll invite Tim Tebow to church.

Lolo also appears on the July/August cover of Fitness magazine this week sporting the red white and blue.