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Brad Mardis loves golf, but it doesn't always love him.  "In the past, I always felt like an old man after I got done," he says with a shrug.

Hi most common complaint was lower back pain.  That is until he started seeing Dr. Aaron Rector at Active Wellness Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.  "When it comes to injury prevention, the main focus is to identify where the most common injury would occur," says Dr. Rector, "so on golfers we`re looking at elbows and lower back."

Rector is a certified medical practitioner with the Titleist Performance Institute.  Rector begins each golf-specific examination by video taping and analyzing the swing.  The evaluation can be done at a golf course or at the doctor's office.  When the evaluation is complete, Dr. Rector designs a program to improve performance and reduce pain.  Flexibility and stability exercises come into play and so does strength training. 

Dr. Rector's partner, Dr. Kurt Van Veldhuizen says kettle bell training works a wide range of muscles that are key to helping any golfer go the distance.

Treatments may also include soft tissue massage and chiropractic manipulation.  The goal is to make golf more enjoyable and pain free.  And if you're lucky, like Brad - you may even shave a few strokes off your handicap.  "From a distance standpoint, I can hit the ball probably ten yards more than I used to and just from a comfort standpoint, back pain when I get done playing has pretty much been eliminated."

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