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KRYSTLE CLEAR: Monday Surprise

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I wasn’t expecting much from today. I know, I know, it’s all about a positive attitude, but I was really having a case of the Monday’s. Until I got to my desk at work- I had gotten mail! And not just any mail- a package. I was instantly perked up. I love mail. (It’s the little things…)

It was from a friend from my former station. I opened it, having no idea what it could be.I opened, and it was….

a book. A book…

…with a posted-note in it. I did as it instructed and “turned here” to find…

…Me! I am in a book!

It’s a story I wrote two years ago about a search and rescue after a plane crash. It was a great story to tell- I remember everything from the interviews to the interviewees to the looking at the map they followed to find the victims. So it was really fun to see that in the beginning of a “New York Times Bestseller.” It’s just an excerpt of my story, in the preface of the book, but still! It made my day.

I am taking it as a sign I should should start writing my own novel (I know, it’s a stretch…) :)

I am now looking forward to what else this week has to offer!