SUMMER SAVING: Ames Seeks Smart Water Use

Ames Watering still

Ames Mayor Ann Campbell has signed a proclamation asking for people to be smart about how they use water this summer.

The Ccty is hoping to conserve water and electricity by having residents do their watering during the early morning. The Water Department’s Steve DuVall says the water and electricity are both affected by hot weather.

“During the summer time..the water plant experiences peaks,” said DuVall.  “During the heat of the mid day, that also happens to be the time our power plant experiences its peaks as well because people are trying to cool their homes.”

Duvall said that by watering in 15 minute intervals, and letting the water soak in, the grass will get more moisture. Leaving the water running for a long time can be less effective. Also, it is important to do the watering in the early morning. Most lawns need only 1 inch of water per week.  Many homeowners tend to over water by around 30 per cent, according to the City of Ames.

The City of Ames has more information on watering on its website:

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