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IOWA ICON: We Know B and B, But So Does…

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We know the place from the outside and what we’ll find in.

Iowans filling up on their lunch break on food slung just minutes before, we know it.

We know the faces...the OTHER Brooks Brothers, the ones in aprons.

One talking Killer sandwiches, and the other with his mind on meat.

Right, we knew all about B&B Meat and Deli but what we didn’t know is that others do, too.  Yep, word of this Icon has leaked out of Iowa!

“It’s one-stop shopping, here," says The Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern, "that’s the roots and the history of this place as a butcher shop is what makes it so magical, right?”   

We knew Zimmern lived up the road in Minneapolis, but his show is called “Bizarre Foods”, he travels the world sampling really weird stuff.

But what would he be eating, here? 

That we DON’T know.

“For a lot of people around the world—and the show airs in 70 countries—some of the things that we eat here in the upper Midwest are certainly strange to lots of folks.”

That’s right, somewhere in the world, a tenderloin sandwich is bizarre, but in here, it’s a slice of heaven, and Zimmern says no one does it better.

“It’s a cliché, but freshness counts," Zimmern says. "And when something comes cut out of the cooler by someone who understands the meat cutting arts.”

The cameras are rolling, but he doesn’t have to act

“It’s very, very porky without being swiney…”

Kind of a bizarre compliment, but that’s okay…it’s good to hear he likes something WE like, and likes the story behind it, too.

“This didn’t used to be here and it was a butcher shop and then the next thing you know, someone cooked something up on a side table and you’ve got a legendary sandwich joint. I mean that’s great…doesn’t it sound good?”

Sure does.  Sounds like the kind of place we’ve come to know.

Sounds like an Iowa Icon. In Des Moines, Andy Fales, Channel 13 News.