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WILD THREAT: Mountain Lion Sightings In Polk Co.

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Norwoodville -- Reports of a mountain lion roaming a Polk Co. neighborhood prompted counselors to keep children indoors at a local county-run day camp.  One of the counselors, Caleb Copley, said, "We don't want to take them out and risk putting them in danger at all, and we notified the parents that there was a mountain lion out here."

The threat in the community of Norwoodville was never confirmed, though several people have reported seeing a large mountain lion in and around line of trees that bisects a corn field and a large open lawn.  The trees are located within twenty yards of several homes.

People who claim to have seen the big cat include a child at the day camp at the community center and at least two people who live nearby.  Thursday morning, a woman visiting relatives called Polk Co. sheriff's deputies to tell them she had seen a mountain lion in the same location.

Deputies armed with rifles walked the tree line.  Iowa DNR wildlife experts searched, but found no evidence of mountain lion activity.  Diane Jackson said that she is 98% confident that the large brown animal she saw was a mountain lion.  Jackson explained, “It started crouching low to the ground, and I'm like, ‘Okay that's not what a deer does.’"  She continued, "Then, it turned to go into the tree line and it had a tail (gestures a width of three feet) this long."