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BOONE BLAZE: Fire Damages Restaurant

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Crews spent much of Friday morning fighting a fire at a popular restaurant called the Gigglin’ Goat in downtown Boone.

“We could see flames coming up and a lot of black smoke. Crews were starting to arrive,” says witness Ben Parsons.

He says he saw the fire when he got to work at the nearby radio station Friday morning.

The Boone Fire Chief says firefighters were headed to a medical call on the other side of the town around 5:00 a.m. when they noticed the outside alarm light flashing at the restaurant.

Inside, firefighters found smoke.

The chief says they don’t know what time the fire started or what caused it.  But, he says it was good crews discovered it early.

The building used to be home to the town’s Fareway.

The new owner added a roof on top of the old structure a few years ago, which may have helped save the restaurant

No one was hurt in the fire.

The fire chief says he doesn’t know how much damage the fire caused.