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ERIN OFF CAMERA: I Survived! Scary! School Days.

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Hello friends!

I Survived!

There was quite a debate raging on my facebook page as to whether or not I should eat this pizza I found in my freezer Friday night.

I vacillated back and forth for quite awhile and finally decided, “What’s the worst that can happen?!?!”  The pizza was definitely freezer burned and tasted a little funky but I didn’t suffer any side effects.  What’s the oldest thing you’ve ever dared to eat?  What’s your opinion about “best by” and “use by” dates on food?


This study is really scary to me.  It reminds me of one I read a few years ago that used the term “prostitots” to refer to little girls whose mothers dressed them like grown women.  The one bright spot in this recent study is that is shows that parents can have an enormous impact on the way little girls view themselves.

School Days

I graduated from high school twenty years ago.  The reunion was this past weekend.  I didn’t attend it.  Do you go to your reunions?  Why or why not?