Drought, Operation Underpants and Catching Up

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Good Morning!

I am sorry I’ve been remiss about posting here.  I’m going to try to catch up right now.


It’s gone from bad to worse for Iowa farmers.  Anytime we start comparing this Summer to the Dustbowl era, you know it’s not good.  The end result that will hit most of us will come in the grocery store.  Corn prices will go up…that will raise prices of just about everything…even the meat you eat.  Those animals eat the grain for feed.  

The side effect for the City folk is that you can’t really get outside with your kids.  It’s tough to be out there in 100 degree heat for very long.  The Ladies were commenting that it feels like the dead of winter because you have to be inside so much.

Whole New Ballgame

Speaking of spending more at the Grocery Store…Whole Foods opens today.  That’s not a jab at Whole Foods.  Some people seem almost offended that the store is opening in West Des Moines.  If you don’t want to shop there…don’t.  I say welcome to the marketplace!  Of you’ve ever been in one of these places, you know it’s food you don’t see going down the cereal aisle of Hy-Vee.  Due respect to the local grocery stores, Whole Foods takes the Organic aisle to the next level.


That’s what I thought when I heard the President taking shots at Mitt Romeny…calling him either a liar or a felon.  When did he leave Bain Capitol?  Does it matter?  Are you really going to vote for someone based on one year of their career?  If a company Bain acquired bought someone out and sent the jobs overseas…if that was the best business decision…that’s what Bain was supposed to do.  This is a manufactured issue and we are all headed down the rabbit hole the campaigns are pointing us toward.  The Economy, taxes, Foreign Policy…these are the issues we should be asking about.

Security Breach

Did you hear about the company who got the contract for security at the Olympics?  They don’t have enough people to guard all of the events.  Oops!  I guess thousands of people aren’t showing up for their jobs and thousands more were turned down when they applied.  the CEO of the company just found out about this two weeks ago.  Yikes!  

Operation Underpants

So we started potty training in earnest last Friday…that’s what’s been taking a lot of my attention.  So far so good.  The key seems to be that the boys don’t want to do their thing on the picture of Lightening McQueen on the undies. 

we’re expecting accidents but they’re progressing and seem to get it.  It’s amazing how much more your kids can do once you ask them.  


I appreciate all of you who dropped a Happy Birthday wish my way on Monday.  It was a good day.  I got exactly what I wanted and had a lot of fun reading Facebook.  It’s like a virtual hug. 

Everyone keeps asking how I feel about the countdown to forty…I really am not thinking about it.  38 seems to me to be one of those throw-away birthdays.  it’s not that significant.  Now 39? that’s one I am going to pay attention to…if for no other reason than it starts the countdown to 40.  Forty is a big deal for obvious reason, but 38?  Not such a big deal. 

I hope you have a good day!