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KRYSTLE CLEAR: Hanging Out At The Courthouse

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These past two weeks have kind of thrown me off. I think it’s because I haven’t been in the newsroom at all. I have spent almost every waking hour at the courthouse. I am following a murder trial- an Omaha man is accused of killing a Des Moines man in a drive-by shooting last August. So far, it’s been a long one (8 days more than 2 dozen witnesses) but it’s kept my attention so far.

I’ve covered court cases before, mainly when I worked in South Dakota. I remember dreading being in the courtroom. Not because I didn’t like the stories- court and crime stories are actually fascinating to me (I am addicted to CSI and Law and Order, and basically any crime show)- the thing is, I don’t like courtrooms themselves. See, it echoes really bad in there, and every time, without fail, my stomach would make the loudest grumbling noises. One time I swear the judge stopped talking and looked me! How embarrassing!

But that’s not a worry here at WHO. As reporters covering court cases, we don’t actually have to go in the courtroom. We get to sit outside in the hallway and take notes while listening and watching it live. It’s actually a pretty neat set up:

My little area. Complete with pink headphones and mini fan.

Part of the court kit that helps us hear and see what’s going on in the courtroom

Well today they finally made their closing arguments. Now all that’s left is jury deliberation and a verdict. Fingers crossed they have one before the weekend. To stay updated on it all, make sure to check out our website. Here’s the latest story on it.