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MORNING BUZZ: Questions, Timing and Open/Closed

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Good Morning!

Trying to get this done quickly so I can watch more of the Open…Zach is on fire!


So many questions are unanswered about the disappearance of two little girls in Eastern Iowa.  If they’ve been abducted there will be a lot of second guessing…why an amber alert wasn’t issued.  If they’re in the lake FBI divers are on the way to speed the search and bring some closure for the family.


I don’t care what Trayvon Martin did.  I don’t care if he was on drugs or if he looked suspicious…None of that justifies George Zimmerman’s story of following Martin…getting into a fight with him and eventually killing him…and God didn’t WANT that to happen.  The more I find out about Martin, the more I am suspicious of the narrative that this was an innocent kid just minding his own business.  The more I listen to Zimmerman, the more I get the feeling this is a guy who screwed up and is making up his own version of events to get him out of a mess he made.


How is it that The R&A decided not to offer free video of the Open Championship this year?  In years past you could watch online.  This year if you don’t subscribe to ESPN3, you can’t watch.  That means I couldn’t watch a superb round from Iowa’s Zach Johnson and a great opening round from Tiger.  I am writing this from the sports office where one of our Camera Operators and I are taking in the last couple holes for each group.  I know it’s about money but…c’mon.  Let me at least watch the coverage like NBC does when the actual coverage comes on the air. 

I hope you all have a good day!