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DARK KNIGHT: Fans Flock to Midnight Show

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There are a lot of tired people all across Iowa Friday and it was a bat keeping them up.  Batman that is.

People began lining up at the Science Center early Thursday to get the best seats in the house for "The Dark Knight Rises."

In fact, tickets for the midnight show sold out in early June.

You just had to drive by the Science Center overnight to know something big was happening inside.

More than 200 people bought tickets for the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" on Imax.

Kim Blythe with the Science Center says, "We have a sold out midnight premiere tonight.  We've had people here since 10 this morning, really excited about seeing this movie."

And it was just fans from central Iowa flocking to the theater.

Thomas Anderson and his friends drove all the way from Nebraska. "He actually drove from Kansas to Lincoln and then from Lincoln he drove straight here.  So we like drove 3 1/2 hours to Iowa."

Cameron Steinbach came from Ottumwa, "We drove two hours.  We were on the road by 8 this morning.  We've been planning this trip for four years."

Michaela Lang drove across the state, "We drove from Iowa City this afternoon."

Despite the long drives, and long wait there was a reason movie goers wanted to see the film in Imax.

"43% of the entire film is shot in Imax footage, " says chief projectionist Justin Rule.  "Which means it's shot on Imax film, which is a much bigger picture.  Resolution on the picture is way better than your HD television at home."

Blythe says, "It literally envelops you.  It envelops all of your senses.  You're wrapped from head to toe and side to side.  You're surrounded by this picture.  It's an incredible experience."

An experience fans are willing to give up sleep for.

"Go Batman"

Friday night's 7:15 and 10:15 shows are sold out at the Imax.  The movie plays at the Science Center through September 6th.