MURPHY’S LAW: Softball Thrillers, Hard Knocks, One Week


By Chris Hassel

5 championship games, 10 teams, 8 of them from Central Iowa. What a day and what a week at the State Softball Tournament in Fort Dodge. Do they even play softball in other parts of the state? 

A tragic day in Colorado. I can’t even imagine the scene at the midnight showing of Batman in Aurora. 12 people are dead, another 59 wounded. I’ve had horror scenes like this cross my mind, in theaters before. It’s one of the few areas where we are completely vulnerable to an attack. There’s no question this will change our movie-going experience in the future. 

Colorado is a state that seems to have to deal with tragedy a lot more than most. Columbine, JonBenet Ramsey, wildfires, and now this. Former Channel 13 sports reporter, Zach Borg, is living in Colorado. He tweeted that he was at a Batman screening around 1am. I sent him a text when I heard about the shooting around 3am. He said he was still in a theater in Loveland, Colorado. He hadn’t heard anything about the shooting. 

Just saw a hemorrhoids commercial where a cactus came poking out of the bottom of an airplane seat. Is that was hemorrhoids feel like? Yikes. 

After a one-year hiatus, HBO’s Hard Knocks is back! 

The Olympics are just one week away. Opening Ceremonies on NBC, on Friday. I’ve always loved the Olympics. The first one I can remember watching were the 1992 Barcelona games. My Dad says I cried during the closing ceremonies. I don’t remember that. 


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