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SUMMER JOB: Keeping Cool and Making Cash

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What do you do when you can't find a summer job, but you still need some money?

Two high school sophomores decided to open their own business. Friends Brody Boston and Ben Sandquist needed a little money to support their passion for golf. With a little help from their parents, they bought a Tropical Sno stand and jumped right in to sell the cool treats along Highway 169.

The hot weather has kept the stand busy and the boys have learned the challenges of balancing work and play having to work around baseball games and livestock showings at the Dallas County Fair.

“I thought it would be super easy, there's a lot more time involved than you think,” said Brody Boston.

Ben Sandquist added, “I figured all you had to do was make sno cones, that's all you had to do is pour flavor on, you gotta make flavors, pack and make ice, chop the ice, it's a lot of work.”