GENEROUS GIFT: Ames Parks And Rec Decision

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What would you do if you had $1.7 million to spend on something to make your community better?

The money is a gift to the Ames Parks and Recreation Department from Dr. Geitel Winakor, a Iowa State University professor who passed away last year.

The list of possible uses for the money include a new multi-use indoor sports facility, land for a park preserve in west Ames, and funding for concerts for young people.

A recommendation on what the money should be used for could be made at the next Ames Parks and Rec commission meeting.

“Yes it’s up to the commission to as we work with the staff to come up with a recommendation and it could be chopped up…it could be a big splash,” says Alisa Frandsen, commission chair.

The Parks and Recreation commission could make a recommendation in August and the full city council will decide how to proceed in October.