Morning Buzz: Gone, Guns and Goof

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Good Morning!

It’s going to be REALLY hot again…but I am really looking forward to Wednesday into Thursday.  It looks like rain and more importantly…cooler temperatures.  A cold front in the Summer is one of my favorite things…the feel of the cooler air is pure relief and the smell…is summer itself!  


So the FBI now thinks two Eastern Iowa girls were kidnapped.  That news came out this weekend.  Investigators won’t talk about the clues that lead them to believe the girls are alive.  They say disclosing that information may hinder the investigation.  That tells me they know…or have a good idea who might have the girls..


So The Colorado Theatre Shooter will be in court today…The formal process of locking this man up and throwing away the key gets started.  Meanwhile you will hear a debate begin over guns and their place in this country.  Would this tragedy have been avoided if the law banned the weapons the shooter used?  I don’t think you can argue that.  This was the act of a disturbed person.  I believe he would have found a way to injure or kill as many people as he could…and I think that would have happened with our without the assault rifle he used…

That said, I don ‘t think the possession of assault rifles is what the founders had in mind when they wrote the second amendment.  when the amendment was written, you HAD to have a gun…and it was registered with the government.  “A well-regulated Militia…” is the part of the amendment.  We can have both a society where gun use and possession legal and safe…AND a society that understands ordinary Citizens do NOT need to carry the kind of weapons Navy SEALS use.  There is a middle ground, but as with so many debates these days…there will be no room for reasonable.  


The Stature of Joe Paterno came down over the weekend.  It’s probably the right thing to do, if for no other reason than it would only serve as a reminder of the scandal every Saturday.  The School will know what kind of sanctions the NCAA hands down as a result of the sex-abuse this morning.  If it were up to me, the NCAA death penalty applies.  


So Sally bought me a new driver for my birthday.  I haven’t been this excited for a new golf club in a while.  I played with a rental set this month in Chicago and the Driver I used blew my socks off.  I didn’t think I could afford one…then a website I frequent offered the driver for more than half off.  I jumped on it.  The problem was that I apparently didn’t pay close attention to my order.  After tracking the shipping progress of the driver as if it were the birth of a child, it arrived on my front doorstep.  I’d already planned my Friday night around a quick fitting of the club at Golf Galaxy and had planned to crush some friends at a Saturday morning tee time with my 300+ yd drives…then I opened the package.

I kept looking at the club thinking I was so tired I was seeing things…nope.  it was a left-handed club.  Doohhh!!!!!  They’re sending another…I am tracking this one as well.

The Open was painful to watch but I am Happy Zach contended…He’s a lock for the Ryder Cup.

One last note…it’s an apology to anyone who follows me on Twitter.  I posted a text that was supposed to go to a friend I Skype with on Sunday mornings. It reported to my friend that we’d be ready to Skype after Will got done playing with the iPad.  The use of the iPad was a reward for successfully negotiating #2 in the bathroom.  I strive to not be the kind of Dad who shares this kind of thing with the world…and yet, I have to say the success of our potty training so far feels like my children have completed an advanced degree at the age of three.  

I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm.