WATER USAGE: Plan To Conserve Implemented

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City officials say the Des Moines Water Works pumped out a record 95.6 million gallons of water Monday and now they’re asking for customers to conserve water.

The previous record of 92 million gallons was set back in June of 2006.

Pumping such a large volume of fluid lowers water pressure, which stresses treatment facilities.

The city is now asking customers in Des Moines and its suburbs to reduce use by 10-percent.

Officials say this is Stage 1 of its conservation plan and at this point it’s still voluntary.  

“A lot of this just makes good common sense. But frankly, what’s going to make a difference is reducing lawn irrigation,” says Randy Beavers, Water Works CEO.

Beavers says if enough people don’t cut back or if the drought worsens, Water Works could go to Stage 2. That would force customers to reduce water use by 30-percent or face fines.