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WORTH THE RIDE: Heat Continues on Day 3

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Troopers with the Iowa State Patrol said that Tuesday’s ride had many RAGBRAI riders dropping from the heat. Cyclists rode more than 80 miles from Lake View to Webster City- the second longest stretch of the entire ride. The heat, combined with strong headwinds and several big hills had troopers and ambulances busy all afternoon. But for many riders, it was all worth it.

"I was a therapist so I worked it for a long time,” said Steven Penberthy a first time RAGBRAI rider from Cedar Falls, “I turned 40 this year. It's RAGBRAI's 40th. Decided to ride the whole thing and skip working it.”

Now Penberthy’s the one getting the massages after the long days in the heat and elements, and despite the heat, he said he is glad he made the choice to ride.

“It’s all the stories I always heard working on people that came in beaten and broken and under the weather," said Penberthy.

Julie Engeman has her share of RAGBRAI stories- she's taken the annual trip across the state for the last 25 years. She says it’s the people she has met that keep her coming back each year.

"I look forward to seeing them every year because obviously they don’t live in our area so we see each other once a year and we kiss and hug and have a great time together,” said Engeman.

Riders won't get much of a break from the weather department or the route map Wednesday. The day four ride will take them 77 miles to Marshalltown.