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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Is This Making You Mad?

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Not mad as in angry, but mad as in crazy

As in, spending all this time linked to our computers, phones, and tablets is making us nuts!  We are constantly working, texting, tweeting, surfing … searching … for what?

Did you know there is a disorder called “nomophobia”?   It’s “No mobile phone phobia”.  Seriously.  And 66 percent of the people surveyed say they have it.  It means you are literally terrified of being without your cell phone.

A number of weeks ago I read this very interesting article in Newsweek.  Actually, I found it interesting and scary.

Here are a few tidbits:

*  The brains of internet addicts look a lot like those of drug addicts.

*  Heavy texting and social-media use correlate with stress, depression, and suicidal thinking.

*  When the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is released next year it will include “Internet Addiction Disorder”.

Nora Ephron passed away not long before I read this article about the toll technology is taking on us so I was reading a lot about her.  She cranked out a lot of incredible lines (on the page and out of her own mouth) but one that stands out to me in relation to technology (social media in particular) is this one:

“You don’t have to tell everybody everything that’s going on the minute it’s going on.” – Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally