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FATAL FALL: State Park Death

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Sad news from an Iowa State Park, the Delaware County Sheriff's office reported 62-year-old Drake Martin was hiking at the park when he fell off a cliff.

Officials says the accident happened Saturday afternoon at Backbone State Park in northwest Iowa. The park is near Strawberry Point, northeast of Waterloo, and it's a scenic place for hiking and boating.

Martin worked at UNI for the past 30 years, where he served as the University's Assistant Director of Residence Education.

Martin's co-workers remembered him for his charismatic personality, which made it easy for students to feel comfortable around him.

UNI Vice President of Student Affairs Terry Hogan said, “He had a sort of ripple effect across campus where he affected people in a positive way and they, in turn, affected others. “

UNI is making counselors available to Martin's co-workers, and students on campus for the summer. They plan to offer services again when students return to campus in a few weeks.