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GABBY WATCH: Chow’s Gym Cheers For Gabby Douglas

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For just the second time ever, US women secured team gymnastics gold Tuesday, with an adopted Iowan anchoring the team.

Gabby Douglas will return home wearing at least one gold medal. She's joined in celebration from across the Atlantic by the friends and coaches she trained with here in Iowa.

It was a big turnout at the “watch party” for Gabby Douglas. Gabby's teammates, coaches and friends all came together to cheer her and her teammates on as they competed for the gold medal.

The energy in the room was definitely catching- after every movement, flip, release, and dismount there was a collective gasp or cheer from the crowd.

“I think there`s a different energy here than watching it with my family because everybody gets it and we`re all behind Gabby,” said Karin Johnson, the Compulsory Team Coach at Chow's Gym in West Des Moines, “the kids in our gym work really hard at every level. So to see one of our own make it is really exciting.”

Coach Karin Johnson is the only one who managed to stay away from the results all day, despite spending her day at the gym. For those that already knew the results, it didn't tone down their nerves or excitement as they watched an athlete they know and love compete. Gabby's teammates and friends she trained with were especially excited for her and all she has accomplished.

“I was like I wanted to jump up in the air and say Yeah go Gabby!” said Sinclair Bagwell, “Every time she does a release move anything at all I am just holding my breath. I am like you got to make this or I am going to be totally shocked.”