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NEW LAKE: DNR Filling Lost Grove Lake

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Almost two years after construction began, Lost Grove Lake has officially begun filling.

Filling began at 12:35 p.m. July 11, 2012. Iowa Department of Natural Resources officials say it will take two to three years for the lake to reach its filled size of nearly 400 acres.

Lost Grove lake is in Scott County, Iowa about five miles north of the Quad Cities.

It took $11.5 million and more than 20 years for Lost Grove Lake to become a reality. The lake includes a dam, fishing jetties ramps and parking. While the lake fills, work will continue on the parking lots, trails and boat ramps.

The DNR released 100,000 one-inch bluegills into a protected area off the main creek channel on July 18. They plan to stock about 2,000 four- to five-inch largemouth bass in the fall. In future years they will add channel catfish, sunfish, black crappies, walleye and muskies.

Thanks to sister station WQAD for this story.