LIVEWELL MINUTE: Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Hip arthritis is a significant cause of hip pain in adults. 200,000 hip replacements are performed in the US each year. Active patients want to have as little disruption to their lifestyles as possible.

Dr. Barron Bremmer says, “Traditional hip replacement is a very successful procedure. Most traditional approaches detach some muscle from the upper thigh to gain access to the hip joint. Because of this, patients are often instructed not to bend at the waist or cross their legs for 6-12 weeks after surgery to let the repaired muscles heal, and to avoid a dislocation.”

Over the years, surgical techniques and patient expectations have evolved. One alternative approach to hip replacement surgery is the Direct Anterior Hip Replacement. This approach utilizes a special table to position the patient to allow access to the hip joint from the front of the thigh without detachment of any muscles.

Dr. Bremmer says, “Because the muscles are not cut using the Direct Anterior approach, I believe that we can more normally preserve the patient’s anatomy. Patients may experience less pain, avoid hip restrictions, and resume normal activities more quickly.”

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