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Thursday was media day for the Iowa State Cyclone football team. This year media day took on a new twist with, which is a new subscription-based web channel for Cyclone Nation. The new venture is anchored by veteran Iowa sportscaster, and the Voice of the Cyclones, John Walters.

“This is for the fans outside the state’s borders or maybe in the corners of the state that don’t get as much Cyclone coverage, it’s gonna give them that equal access that anybody in Ames would have,”said Walters.

The new web service features live content of game action, and coaches shows. There will also be coverage of other sports, such as volleyball, and softball and other Cyclone Athletics. “I think people are more inclined to want to watch things on their time frame, instead of somebody else’s,” said Walters. “I think this offers them the opportunity to do that,” he added.

The service is available for $59.95 for 12 months for all programming, and replaces the old Clone Zone service.