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What looked like a lead in the case of two missing eastern Iowa girls, turned out to be a misunderstanding.

The NBC station in Waterloo, broke in to programming Wednesday saying there was a new development in the disappearance of Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook.

The FBI had released surveillance photos of a man driving a van seen on July 13th, the day the girls disappeared.

The FBI wanted to talk to the person to see if they knew anything about the case.

34-year old Mike Knief was watching when the pictures aired, he recognized his dad's van and then the picture of himself.

He immediately went to police station to clear things up.

Knief says police were just following leads, but wishes he could have done more.

"It seems to be the wrong place at the wrong time, I wish I could’ve had vital information. We were anxious that this could have been a lead to help get the girls home, but apparently that's not the case," he said.

The FBI says Knief is not a suspect.