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MORNING BUZZ: Chicken, NIMBY and Effort

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Good Morning.  Some interesting topics to talk about today.  I hope it will spark some debate and that you’ll comment.  


I find myself not agreeing with just about anyone who is upset over the Chick-fil-a controversy.  

To the people who are outraged about the pronouncement from the Company’s founder that he is in favor if traditional marriage…”I’m shocked…shocked to find out there’s gambling going on in here!”  What did you think he was going to say?  This is a company where they  pray before every shift and they close on Sunday.  Did you really think they were going to sponsor the Pride parade?  Also…many of these people are posting from their iPhone, blissfully oblivious of the fact that Apple has had labor issues…who cares about that…I’m outraged that a conservative Christian owner of a business expressed his opinion!  

If you don’t like his opinion…don’t eat the chicken…but as the head of Iowa’s biggest gay rights group said, ‘We have bigger chickens to fry”

All that said, I think Chick-fil-a is on the wrong side of History on this one.  I disagree with the owner’s stance, and I happen to believe if Jesus were here right now…he’d order up a Chicken sandwich and have dinner with a same-sex couple.    

Bad Judgement

Republicans in Iowa are working as hard as they can to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.  Yesterday, the Party’s Chairman A.J. Spiker injected the issue of same-sex marriage into the fall election when he asked Iowa voters to oust Justice David Wiggins.  As many Republicans try to make the case they’re the party to get the economy back on track , here comes the Iowa Republican party focusing on an issue that has the potential to drive away the younger, more moderate voters who flocked to The President in 2008 but have become disenchanted since.  

I think this time voters may choose to keep Wiggins in office.  In 2010, the Justices hardly uttered a word in their own defense.  that combines with an electorate fed up with a Government they saw as unresponsive to their needs, fueled a lot off the votes to kick the justices out.    This time around Wiggins says he isn’t going down without a fight.  I think that debate will expose the shortcomings of the argument to oust the Justices…I think Iowa voters will retain Justice Wiggins.

Lastly, my brother forwarded this article to me.  i don’t agree with everything in it, but it is thought-provoking and expresses some of the things I’ve thought for a while about the word “conservative” in American Politics.


Who can blame the neighbors of a South Side Development for blocking the construction of a low-income Housing development by ANAWIM.  If it was your house they were building next to, how easy would it be to grab on to stereotypes and say…no I don’t want low-income families and the problems that come with them in my neighborhood.  But if there is to be affordable housing for low-income families where will it be?  In already blighted neighborhoods?  Consider this: When they built all those condos downtown, I remember a good portion of them had to be affordable housing.  I wonder if the people living in Browncamp lofts would say the neighborhood has gone downhill as a result of the low-income renters who’ve moved in.  

I don’t know how I’d react.  I’ve worked hard to afford a home that is in a neighborhood I chose because of the single families homes that are there.  I think that’s the honest answer.  The deeper question then is how and where do you build affordable, sustainable, safe housing for low-income families that are trying to climb the economic ladder…the people who want to move to my neighborhood eventually…?  

London Watch

-I will be looking for the results of the gymnastics early.  I can’t wait

-I think there’s an honest debate to be had over the badminton controversy.  We see NFL teams or even World Cup Soccer teams taking their best players out of a game or at least taking their foot off the gas when they know they have a playoff spot wrapped up or their top seed in the tournament secure.  So why isn’t what the badminton teams did in London just strategy?  For the record I also think this one doesn’t pass the smell test…and yet, there’s a legitimate debate in my mind.