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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Feline, Feedback, Fun Work

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Are you a dog person or a cat person?  I’ve always been an “animal person” and never really had a preference – it depends on the animal’s personality as to whether I like it or not.


For nearly 15 years I’ve had my crazy cat Marley.  I didn’t decide to get a pet when I was working my first “real” TV job, living in a tiny apartment and so broke I could’ve been eating cat food … a girlfriend gave me this adorable bundle of fur (already named) as a gift.  She was a mess (the kitten – not the friend).  Malnourished, mites, infections … you name it, the vet rattled it off when I took Marley for her first visit.  In fact, he suggested putting her down if, “You’re not too attached”.  I was, and I couldn’t.  Instead, I charged the outrageous bill to my credit card and called my parents in tears.  The cat lived and several months later my landlady discovered her.  Marilyn said, “The cat goes.  You can stay if you want.”  I ended up moving.

I was thinking about all of this over the weekend after Michael and I rushed Marley to the emergency clinic.  It’s the second time in the past six months we’ve had a scare with her and I hate thinking about her dying. 


I’m stunned by all of the feedback my Friday night rant generated.  I received a number of great emails on the topic of Gabby’s hair, and one from a woman I admire and adore.  She received a great honor over the weekend and sent me her remarks, with this section highlighted:

One of my father’s favorite adages is poignantly appropriate today for those fretting about fellow Virginian Gabby Douglas’ appearance. He would remind us that until we count our gold medals, recognize it is more important what is inside your head, than what’s on top.

Well said – don’t you think?

Fun Work

How cool would it be to be in London covering the Olympics?  When I was in college, I thought I might want to be a sports reporter but the news bug had a stronger bite.  I still love sports, and especially sports stories.  If I had to name my dream job right now it would probably be to be a correspondent for HBO’s Real Sports.  I love this program.  Every single episode is fantastic.  The stories always create a reaction in me – I’m amazed or angry, I laugh or cry – sometimes all of the above.  What’s your dream job?