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EVENT RESULTS: Gabby Competes On Balance Beam

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It’s been a whirlwind week for gymnast Gabby Douglas at the London Olympics.

She won gold along with rest of the “Fierce Five” in the team competition and then dominated in the all-around competition to win another gold medal.

Tuesday she competed in the event finals on the balance beam.


If you don’t want to know how Gabby did on the balance beam STOP READING NOW!


Gabby will leave London with just two gold medals after struggling on the balance beam. She had a few balance checks and then fell off the beam. Her score was 13.633, finishing seventh out of eight gymnasts in the event final.

Gabby’s teammate Aly Raisman finished in third to win the bronze, after her original score was contested and raised to 15.066.

China’s Deng Linlin won gold and her teammate Sui Lu won silver.

The event but won’t be shown on NBC until primetime Tuesday night.

Monday Gabby competed in the event finals of the uneven bars and had a disappointing finish due to a mistake. She finished eighth out of eight competitors in the finals.