CHOW RETURNS: Man With Golden Touch Arrives Home

Liang Chow has the airport reception thing down.
Another victorious return home for the man with the golden touch.
In a place that`s always full of hugs, few have received more, lately, than he has.
Still only a week old, his student`s triumph is still on his mind.
"I knew that was (her) potential," Chow says of his student, Gabby Douglas, winner of the all-around gold in women's gymnastics, "that was my goal for her, shooting for the very top. But I had sealed my mouth shut, trying not to give her any pressure.

"She was crying in my arms and we are just basically in tears together."

If we all want a piece of him here, what`s it like in gymnastics circles?

"I think that question better goes to Theresa," he says of his assistant, Theresa Paulsen, "she`s the one that`s been handling the phone calls I`ve heard, but I have not talked to anybody, yet."

Theresa might get cauliflower ear from using the phone so much, because after training two straight gold medalists, Chow`s line will be ringing off the hook. Calls have been coming in at an almost non-stop pace. Many of them from parents in foreign countries.

 Think of it: whether the athlete is local or moves in from elsewhere, Chow has a proven track record.  Whether she`s a prodigy or a late bloomer, he can show her the way to gold. 

But not just now. Now it`s time to enjoy the welcome home.

"For Gabby, she should just be enjoying this moment," Chow says, "enjoy this victory, and for me I`m just trying to cool down and prepare for the other athletes, for their next steps to come...and then we can think about the next Olympic games."

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