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MORNING BUZZ: Haters, Not Sorry and FAIR!!!!

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Good Morning!

I just haven’t had it these past few days.  A combination of distractions, a long to-do list and some anticipation of time off have led my mind to be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.  

I really try not to write a blog if I don’t have anything to say, and that’s been the case as I sat down and tried to type the last few days.  So I guess maybe I’ve stored up a few things for this morning…Enjoy.


This title can fall on more than a few of our stories lately.  The first is Lolo Jones.  What is the problem?  She went out there…did her best…literally and didn’t get a medal.  Isn’t this what the Olympic Spirit is all about?  She had a heartbreaking loss four years ago…got up…tried again and got her heart-broken again.  So the people who are kicking her while she’s down just sound jealous to me…and I’ll include her US Teammates.  The only thing I’ve heard from them is that they have compelling stories too but haven’t had the headlines.  In the same breath they admit they don’t like to share their story!!!…. You can’t have it both ways.  Lolo did what any smart Olympian did…she struck while the iron was hot.  If she is attractive, if she has a compelling story she isn’t afraid to share…good for her.  She should make as much money as she can in the time she has in the spotlight.  I imagine with her fourth place finish…she will get a lot less attention…but who knows.

I hope she continues to train, I hope she runs in Rio and wins.


I find myself increasingly at odds with both political parties.  I find almost nothing I can hang my hat on with either.  Sure there are the principles each party is supposed to stand for…but then you hear what they’re actually saying.  I feel more like I am walking through the Varied Industries building at the Fair with  As Seen on TV pitchmen telling me how my life would be a lot easier…if only I bought what they’re selling.  I don’t buy it.

The narrative that Mitt Romney WANTS middle class and poor Americans to suffer so that he can be MORE rich is as ridiculous as the narrative that President Obama is a Marxist hell-bent on making sure anyone who makes a decent living shares all of their wealth with people who don’t have a job and aren’t looking for one…

The People who are telling me I am a bigot for wanting some chicken are as bad as the ones telling me my gay and lesbian friends are people who simply have deviant urges or are just suffering from some sort of mental ailment.  

It’s harder to think for yourself.  It’s harder to question a pack of people who are screaming at the top of their lungs…harder to be alone in your convictions.  I don’t begrudge people who believe what they believe…it’s the rhetoric that’s getting out of control.  Each of these men has good motives for their Presidential run and each wants the country to thrive.  How we get there is a matter of honest debate…and that also takes more effort to follow.  Shame on all of us for looking for the easy explanation for all of this.  It’s never that easy.  

Not Sorry

A Facebook friend alerted me to one of the best blogs I’ve ever read.  It’s written from the perspective of a toddler.  If you are a parent you will enjoy this.  Thanks to Gordon Fischer for the link!


Jeriann and I will be out at the State Fair Parade and she promises me I won’t get soaked…wet maybe but not enough to be a washout for the parade.  I hope we will see some of you.  I always enjoy seeing and hearing from the familiar faces/voices in the crowd.  A reminder that we will be manning the Cast your Kernel booth in front of the Administration building on the Grand Concourse of the Fair again this year.  Stop by!

I am headed on a little vacation at the end of the week.  It’s my annual fishing trip with my Best Man and Father-in-law.  For those of you don’t care at this point…have a good day!  Those of you who also love fly-fishing like I do…I’m getting a new line for my 5wt reel.  It’s Orvis’ new Hydros 3D line.  I will give you a review when I get back.