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MISSING GIRLS: State Fair Booth Hopes To Help

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The Iowa State Fair has hundreds of booths for folks to visit.

However, there may be no booth more important than the one dedicated to finding 9-year-old Elizabeth Collins and 10-year-old Lyric Cook.

“What happened to them? Why aren't they found yet," said Des Moines resident, Julie Kinney.

"I hope they find them. I hope they find them," Adel resident Mindi Annear told Channel 13 News.

The booth in the Hall of Law and Flame caught the attention of Julie and Mindi Friday afternoon. They're two of the thousands of people investigators hope take notice.

"There's been a lot of interest in the Evansdale case and some interest in people providing information,” said Department of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Terry Cowman.

Volunteers are handing out flyers and selling tee shirts with the girls’ photos trying to generate a break in the case.

"We still have hope. We still believe that they're alive. We want them to come home," said community volunteer, Sara Kipp.

A tip box may be the key to making that happen.

"The purpose of the box to accept tips is for people to provide information. The more visibility we can give the case, the better and the opportunity for members of the public to provide information,” said Cowman.

The booth has already generated one tip, and with 9 days to go and plenty of traffic, they're hoping to have plenty to investigate.

"We're going to monitor that pretty closely and watch the tips as they come in."

There's a vigil Friday night at Meyers Lake in Evansdale at 7 PM.

People plan to offer prayers and hold a large group walk in honor of the girls.